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Ishqbaaz 9 January 2017 Full HD On Star Plus

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The story is about the everyday lives of a rich business family, the Oberoi family who face difficult and challenging situations from time to time. The family consists of two brothers and their wives. The elder brother Tej has a wife, Jhanvi who has a drinking addiction because of Tej’s illicit affair with his secretary, Svetlana. Tej and Jhanvi have three children. Their elder son is Omkara, a sculptor and a self made billionaire who also has a history of drug use. He is an understanding person and hates his father. He was also involved a relationship with a girl named Riddhima but broke up with her later on. Tej and Jhanvi’s second child, Rudra, is a flirtatious guy and a playboy who is a fitness freak and loves partying and women, however, he does not believe in the concept of marriage. He is very friendly in nature. They also have a daughter, Priyanka whom everyone calls ‘Prinku’. She is a quiet, sweet and simple girl who gets nervous really easily because of her social anxiety disorder. Tej has a younger brother, Shakti who is married to Pinky. They have one son, Shivaay, who is the eldest son and the face of the Oberoi’s industry. He is a business tycoon with a strict personality that matches his uncle.